Affordable, reliable and quality tyres every time

If you need new or good used standard tyres, 4×4 tyres or performance car tyres, visit our workshop in Panmure today. We are highly experienced and are experts on tyres to meet our client’s needs, whether they are a car or van owner, or a car sales yard who outsource their tyre requirements to us.

We are not limited to selling a specific brand and have a wide range of tyre brands and types in stock. We also have ready access to most tyres, just in case the ones required are not in stock.

We are Auckland’s quality affordable tyre shop.        

Tyres are the contact point of the car with the road and grip the road to keep you safe and moving. The right tyre for your vehicle determines the grip on the driving surface, road feel, noise level, wear and tear and the ride quality itself.

Our wide range of tyre brands include Kumho Tire, Hankook, Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, Toyo Tires and more.

The below chart explains the various numbers and details on a tyre and you should cross-check these details when you change your tyres to ensure they are the right ones for your vehicle.

Our tyre services include tyre fitting, tyre rotation, tyre balancing and tyre repairs. We have the technology and the experience in providing these services to high standards. When the tyres and the wheels are aligned, balanced and in a good condition, they last longer, the vehicle is safer and easier to control, fuel consumption is lesser and it is more enjoyable to drive.

You may have a flat tyre, however may not need a new one as the area with the puncture could be repaired. Certain parts of the tyre should not be repaired as it will be unsafe. In many cases, depending on the area and extent of the damage, we can repair the tyre puncture and get you back on the road safely. While we love to sell tyres, it feel much better to do what is right for the client besides minimising waste by using the repaired tyre.